Three Key Technologies to Guide People Management Processes Toward Successful Business Transformation

Three Key Technologies to Guide People Management Processes Toward Successful Business Transformation

In immediate response to the effects of the pandemic, many companies and organizations have taken strategic decisions reactively throughout 2020. This year 2021 will however be the year of reflection, during which changes must be analyzed in depth. intelligently manage uncertainty and the new economic drift. Technology, once again, will be the key to undertaking these internal business transformation processes, which, according to the Watch & Act advice, must always be conducted while remaining people-centered.

“In the new scenario, it is not enough to strive for efficiency: you have to compete to win, and for that, you have to prepare the organization to take advantage of the opportunities, generate value – and not just economic – and be differentiated. . In this process, the worker is fundamental and his relationship with the company has changed. Employees are our stakeholders and we must treat them as our shareholders. Knowing how to channel their motivation, commitment and talent will be essential for the future of the company, ”said Luis Fernando Rodrguez, CEO of Watch & Act.

When launching the transformation of a company to adapt it to a new economic and social reality, to the evolution of the market itself and to new trends in Human Resources, have experts in change management and technological tools The right fittings can make all the difference for organizations. Today there are technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Business Intelligence which make it possible to orient all the processes of people management towards the success of the transformation of the company and its impact results on the company itself.

For Watch & Act, expert in the implementation of these technologies in business transformation processes with a human focus, which works with leading companies at national and international level, there are three key pillars in this regard. .

Assessment and measurement

Before making a decision, it is important to thoroughly study your starting point. For this, there are different diagnostic methods that allow to analyze the different factors which combine in a transformation process. An example is Fourflags, developed by this consulting firm, which is able to measure the relationship between the level of alignment of people with the proposed change and their attitude to actively participate in said transformation. In this way, the areas or departments of the organization that become a driver or a brake on this change can be identified, as well as their causes.

“Our Fourflags tool is already used by companies such as Indra, PwC, Mutua Montaesa, RGA Seguros, Contenur. KPMG, Sanitas Internacional, Galletas Gulln or the Madrid municipal transport company, which have more than 450,000 employees. And in those where their employees show a medium or high level of commitment to the business plan, this translates into a 42% reduction in unwanted internal turnover, a 36% growth in sales and a growth of 96% of innovation, among other indicators, ”emphasizes Luis Fernando Rodrguez.

Collaborative management

After the previous analyzes, it is important to define an action plan adapted to the circumstances and to the changing needs of each company, which allows to properly manage all the aspects involved in the process. Here, the tools making it possible to exploit the data are very relevant, because both the diagnostic methodologies and the implementation of action plans generate information that must be structured, correlated and interpreted to help the manager to make adequate decisions. that have an impact on competitiveness. and the sustainability of the business.

The digitization of the entire people management process is of great importance at the moment, and there are platforms such as Cornerstone, of which Watch & Act is the reference partner in Spain, which offer companies the solution to collaboratively manage their human resources, select the best talents, promote the development of its employees within the company or effectively involve all teams in decision-making and innovation.

“Companies such as Mahou San Miguel, Carrefour, Banco de Espaa, ALSA, El Corte Ingls, Bricomart, BBVA, Banco Santander, Bankia, Garrigues, IKEA, Glovo or the Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona are already managing their most important assets in this domain. way: talent as a differential and competitive element ”, underlines the CEO of Watch & Act.

Apprenticeship (requalification)

Training, along with communication, is the great lever to help achieve changes in the organization. And this need goes from the management team to each and every employee, because we need new leaders who are facilitators and transformers, new skills for team management, new digital knowledge in non-technological functional areas. with a growing presence of technology. , and a general update and adaptation to new needs. By 2025, professional profiles will generally have to develop new capacities and skills, in particular those associated with the understanding and use of technology in action (requalification and upgrading).

Training methodologies have also evolved and there is a need to adapt to new trends based on online content and innovative systems for practical sessions. As a novelty, in order to also be able to offer this service, Watch & Act has entered into a strategic agreement with 4UP Partners which will allow it, starting this year, to offer management environments key training in order to be able to adequately manage processes. transformation of their business.

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