Three million carers in Spain already have a request for training

SUPERCUIDADORES, leader in the training of caregivers and in the health and social health sector, is launching the 1st training APP, both on IOS and on Android.

The main objective of SUPERCUIDADORES is “to professionalize and enhance the figure of the caregiver to improve the life of the elderly or dependent”.

Thanks to this application, access to the widest training offer is facilitated to learn how to take care of any person regardless of their age, illness, disability or dependency, as well as care personal.

The APP allows you to view both recorded and live training (streaming), having a multitude of features, including the ability to give training or receive promotions or notifications of interest.

Anyone with an Internet connection can carry out most of the training from their mobile phone, take a self-assessment test and obtain the diploma that accredits said training, promoting their employability.

The care sector for the elderly or dependent is currently considered one of the largest employment niches, with annual growth of more than 5% over the past 10 years, the main consequence of the aging of the population. , the loneliness of the elderly and the elderly. Addiction.

The SUPERCUIDADORES training offer is made up of more than 300 topics for health, well-being and the promotion of personal autonomy, both for the elderly or dependent as for family and professional carers.

The training format is very varied both in time and in typology. Regarding the duration of the training, there is a training of 5 to 10 minutes (video tutorials), 1 to 5 hours (masterclass), 5 to 120 hours (courses) and up to 600 hours of training (certificates of professionalism).

The APP offers both official training to be able to work in social institutions (residences for the elderly, day centers, sheltered apartments …) or in companies or entities that provide home care services (SAD) , as well as training “on a personal basis”, so that no minimum qualification is required to be able to study them.

This APP has been designed so that it can be easily integrated into the web or intranet pages of any company wishing to provide its employees or customers with access to the widest training offer to learn how to take care of them. themselves.

According to Aurelio Lpez-Barajas, CEO of SUPERCUIDADORES, “more than 2.5 million family carers and 500,000 professional caregivers (farmer-farmers, SAD assistants, remote assistance technicians) can benefit from this training in Spain, a much higher number if the Latin American market and the Spanish-speaking population are taken into account ”.

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