Three reasons why the digital signature has become key in HR management

Three reasons why the digital signature has become key in HR management

The pandemic has forced human resources departments to accelerate the changes that were necessary, but so far remained in the background. Telework, flexibility, digitization, reconciliation, etc. These are some of the aspects in which the new situation has had the greatest impact.

The electronic firm provided HR departments with an essential tool to manage their internal and external processes. A way to speed up not only the hiring process but also the management of the company’s work, eliminating repetitive tasks.

At Firmafy, a company dedicated to digital signature software, he explains the main advantages of electronic signatures in human resources departments:

Time saving and increased productivity

The processing of a document via the physical signature system involves different procedures: preparation, request, printing, signing, scanning, shipping, filing … This process exceeds 5 days on average, which sometimes involves stopping an entire process.

“The electronic signature eliminates the inefficiencies derived from the physical signature,” says Fran Corts, CEO of Firmafy, “Additionally, Firmafy’s advanced electronic signature ensures that the document has not been tampered with since signing. Adding a double factor security, showing the date and time of the signature “.

The electronic signature system must be adapted to European regulation 910/2014, this guarantees the legality of the signature. It is important to have an advanced electronic signature provider that complies with the directives of the Spanish and European regulations in force in electronic signature, elIDAS, as well as those related to data protection.

“In Firmafy, the legality of the signature is guaranteed by the sum of 6 identification factors of the signatory: signature audit, biometric signature, time stamp, CSV code, IP traceability and OTP code”, thus becoming one of the systems advanced electronic signatures in the industry, for example from Firmafy.

Improve the image of the company, bet on sustainability

More than 15,000 million sheets of paper are used in offices each year and the average consumption per person worldwide is 48 kg. If in Spain 71% of the paper consumed is recycled, its environmental impact remains atrocious: it is estimated that each Spaniard spends an amount of paper equivalent to four trees 12 meters high.

Increasingly, organizations are committed to taking care of the environment within their CSR, and the use of digital solutions such as electronic signatures for contractual and internal processes can be essential in this regard.

Having the right digital tools within the HR department of a company makes it possible to optimize processes and plays a key role in the search for efficiency and excellence in the organization.

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