Three tech trends in HR for 2021

The pandemic has accelerated the transformation and digitization of the Human Resources division of companies. According to a Gartner study, 88% of companies worldwide required their employees to work from home, which took an intense effort to adapt to the new environment.

Due to this situation, innovation and technology have assumed a key role in the field of human resources, with the emergence of new tools such as Nawaiam, a gamification platform that uses artificial intelligence and data science. to optimize both the process. selection and hiring as well as the detection and evaluation of the skills of the human team.

“Thanks to the technological commitment, companies have been able to be more efficient and obtain data that they could not have obtained with offline procedures. From small companies to large companies, they have already joined this shift which is here to stay and use Nawaiam for recruitment, selection and internal diagnosis, assessment and mapping of people ”, says Javier Krawicki, co-founder of Nawaiam. Among the companies that already have Nawaiam there are renowned Spanish companies like, among others, Iberdrola, Atrpalo, Alain Afflelou, Grupo Insud Pharma and the University of Girona. Although, as Krawicki points out: “Nawaiam is a tool that adapts doubly to the size of each company, both from the point of view of its implementation and its cost, which makes it easier for 99% of companies. Spanish companies, which are SMEs, apply technology and innovation to their talent management processes ”.

But what technological and innovation trends will there be in HR in 2021?

1. Talent as a resource

The role of HR goes beyond finding the best CV. The objective is to select the candidate with the most appropriate aptitudes and behavioral traits, the so-called soft skills, which go beyond theoretical knowledge for a position (hard skills), which are also essential. It’s about finding and managing an organization’s talent as the most valuable resource today that sets it apart from the competition.

In this sense, Nawaiam is not only a useful tool for the recruitment process, but it is also revolutionizing the talent management of companies. With Nawaiam, it is possible to detect trends in behaviors, behaviors and attitudes of employees or candidates within minutes. In fact, Nawaiam allows you to analyze many profiles at the same time, thus increasing the efficiency of this process in organizations.

2. Bet on gamification

Video games applied in the workplace stimulate creativity, retain the worker, improve concentration and promote proactive participation. If recently we spoke of gamification as a trend, today it is already a reality: 5.5 billion dollars in 2018 and more than double (11 billion) in 2020: this is the forecast for the growth of the global market of gamification, according to MarketandMarkets.

The Nawaiam Experience is a video game in which the user faces an extreme situation following a global natural disaster in which he will be tasked with saving as many people as possible. This gamification dynamic diminishes the perception of those who gamble that they are being evaluated, which results in more natural and unconscious decisions.

Likewise, gamification engagement such as Nawaiam offers real-time data on the user’s professional profile via a dashboard. This enables decision-making based on the compatibility and ranking of the people who have used Nawaiam with the jobs the company is to fill and the behaviors and skills to be reinforced. According to current clients, Nawaiam improves the quality of internal recruitment, selection and talent development processes by 42%.

When it comes to HR cost savings, Nawaiam reduces them by 30% compared to other traditional tools. In addition, the time for job interviews, with Nawaiam, is reduced by 50%, according to their own clients.

3. New uses of contactless applications

Once organizations understand that they need to be in every customer’s pocket through mobile apps, one more step is taken: apps designed for the human resources department. Talent management is optimized thanks to tools that anyone can manage from their mobile. With this progress, companies and their recruitment teams can continue to manage talent remotely, avoiding possible bad weather or adapting to the context created by the health crisis.

Nawaiam is a 100% digital and contactless application, which allows companies to continue their studies and talent assessments during a pandemic, while respecting all the protective measures for their human team.

The future of companies rests on the HR department. With tools like Nawaiam, companies develop more efficient talent management systems, optimize costs, and manage talent in a simpler and more efficient way. What will be the future of HR? If you continue in this vein, it sounds very empowering.

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