Three tools to do online integration for managerial profiles

Montaner & Asociados, the flagship brand of Grup Montaner which offers consulting services in change management in organizations, talent recruitment and Onboarding selection, shares the keys to successfully integrate into managerial profiles, thanks to the application of the Onboarding methodology.

One of the great challenges of personnel management for 2021 is to ensure the coexistence between the objectives of companies and the aspirations of their professionals. Here are some of the great benefits of supporting executive selection with Onboarding.

The ‘Onboarding Selection’, beyond the traditional personal selection

The pandemic has brought many changes, including new interests and needs for businesses and applicants. Integration selection is precisely about aligning the expectations and goals of each party and creating an opportunity for success for both.

Unlike a traditional selection, Onboarding goes even further; A third phase of the recruitment process is added to the definition of the application, to the assessment interviews and to the choice of candidates: the accompaniment of this person during the first 30 to 45 days following his constitution to guarantee his integration and cement a mutual relationship of trust and satisfaction between her and the company. Thus, if onboarding is included in the same managerial selection process, the success rate increases considerably, ensuring the integration and permanence of the new employee in the company.

Digitization, an ally of the integration of talents

In the current context, a good Onboarding process that adapts to the digitization of the work environment and to the social integration of the new employee, makes it possible to transform the challenges of this transformation accelerated by the pandemic into great opportunities.

Many companies have found it more difficult and uncertain to integrate a managerial position into their company from a distance. The integration of the onboarding selection, perfectly suited to the online environment, ensures that your expectations and those of the person who will be part of your team are aligned and that this person starts in the company with external support to guide and follow your steps. so that your onboarding goes as planned.

Emphasizing the digital context, moreover, this Onboarding methodology uses new technologies as a tool to ensure that, both in remote work and in selection processes, the objective of harmonizing the needs and interests of the company and candidate is reached.

In addition, digitization promotes the maintenance of contact between people, which is so important, above all, in an incorporation. Being able to present to colleagues remotely, participate in meetings with other departments to get to know the teams and their objectives, have follow-up video calls with their boss or manager during the first weeks of work … these are actions which, thanks to the use of digital tools, can be developed quickly and efficiently in any company. And, since it’s just as important to maintain socialization and not just the work-related aspects, you can take even more out of the digital age by scheduling virtual coffees or vermouths after work with colleagues and thus start creating. a closer bond. the people of the new business.

Incorporate remote talents

Digital transformation is on the agenda for HR. The use of new technologies in selection processes was starting to spread to many companies, but the pandemic made it a necessity.

Despite the fact that face-to-face interviews bring a special warmth, a fully digital recruiting process can not only be just as effective, but also offers certain advantages such as flexibility, process automation or the possibility of being able to serve a greater number of candidates.

If, in addition, appreciative gaze is applied to these remote processes, as in onboarding processes, a much more complete picture of the interviewee will be obtained. It will not only be his qualities, but also his skills and soft skills, as well as remarkable personality traits, that will complete his profile.

In addition, as a result of Covid-19, the use of tools to conduct video interviews has increased to exceed 150% growth. This development is linked both to current market needs, requiring trained and experienced talents in the digital world. Adapting to this new reality and benefiting from it being the new success of companies.

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