tiananmen square massacre

China put tanks on thousands of unarmed students to crush the movement 32 years ago today. At the request of the Chinese Communist Party, more than 10,000 students were killed in this PLA action. These students are said to have gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in June 1989 to support the restoration of democracy. The timing of this incident is mentioned in a British intelligence diplomatic document released 3 years ago today. In fact, due to the strict media censorship in China, even today, a lot of important information related to this incident is not available. Chinese state media, on the orders of the Communist Party, only say things that are in their own best interests. On this day, tributes are paid to the martyrs not only in China, but all over the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States.

UK document reveals death figures

At the time of this massacre, then British Ambassador Alan Donald, stationed in Beijing, the capital of China, sent a letter to London giving full details of the incident. In the letter, he wrote that at least 10,000 people had died in the incident. This letter is held in the National Archives of Great Britain. Reporting of this incident in China was also heavily censored from China around this time. China still has strict restrictions on reporting this incident.

Watch the video of the Tiananmen Square massacre

What was the Tiananmen Square incident

In June 1989, millions of pro-democracy activists gathered in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. A large number of students and workers also participated. These protests began after the death of former Communist Party and reformist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang. Hu Yaobang was dismissed from his post by the then Chinese government due to political and economic opposition. After which he was murdered.

People were targeted with tanks and bullets

To quell the demonstration, which lasted for six weeks, on June 3-4, the Chinese army fired guns and tanks at unarmed civilians demonstrating peacefully. Large numbers of protesters were killed in this action. Meanwhile, this place became famous around the world after a photo was posted of a young man trying to stop a Chinese army tank.

China still calls action in Tiananmen Square correct

Even today, China justifies Beijing’s historic Tiananmen Square massacre as completely correct. In addition, he has repeatedly said that his socialist political model is the right choice to run the country. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian last year called the protest a political disruption. He said that we are determined to pursue socialism with Chinese characteristics. He called on the United States to avoid ideological prejudices, correct its mistakes and stop interfering in any way in China’s internal affairs.

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