tickets for employees and customers, gift cards, experiences for teams …

Cinesa Business is strengthening its range of emotional corporate gifts for Christmas: tickets for employees and customers, gift cards, experiences for teams …

Christmases are emotional moments in which families, friends and colleagues wish each other the best and try to experience a few days of magic, happiness and disconnection. And this year more than ever. This is why Cinesa Business, the B2B line of the leader in cinematographic projection, has already prepared its Christmas catalog for businesses.

Because giving films is giving magic and magic is the very essence of Christmas, Cinesa Business offers companies a wide range of products to give to customers and employees as Christmas gifts. Cinesa Vouchers are tickets at a special price to the company’s best-known businesses. But there are also card-format options, such as Cinesa Fans (a voucher with 5 tickets) or gift cards (preloaded wallet cards at € 15 or € 30, redeemable for tickets or bar products at any location. what a Cinesa cinema).

These products are ideal for rewarding top customers for their support or thanking employees for their efforts, especially in such a difficult year as 2020. Plus, it’s a perfect format as a direct or complimentary gift, placed in a Christmas basket. . . This is why Cinesa makes these types of products available to any generalist company, but also to those specializing in the making of Christmas baskets.

All of these products allow companies to buy packs at the best price. And then the recipients of the gift are those who choose the cinema, film and session they prefer, with long periods of validity.

On the other hand, Cinesa Business is committed not only to giving tickets or cards to customers and employees so that they can go in their free time, but also to experience the magic of cinema together. Because experiential and team giving strengthens bonds. And, if they are something as magical as a movie moment, even more. In this sense, Cinesa favors private film screenings for companies where the entity reserves the room, chooses the film among all those available on the billboard, and can also customize the event as you wish. An ideal experience as a team building, family day or relationship activity with VIP clients.

It’s worth noting that the private passes respect all the security measures that Cinesa cinemas have enforced this year, making them a great alternative to enjoy with customers and employees without worrying about restrictions. In addition, Cinesa allows other types of corporate events to be held in its theaters beyond movie viewing, such as team activities or conventions, with a face-to-face option and also a format streaming media connecting different venues, cities and countries.

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