Tiktok banned again in Pakistan: Big shock for China, “ Iron Brother ” Pakistan once again banned “ Tiktok ”

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The Pakistani media regulation agency has again blocked the Chinese video app “Tiktok”. Two lawyers went to court, claiming that pornographic content was distributed through this application. Six months ago, the Pakistani regulatory agency also gave “Tiktok” Banned thaismabad
Pakistani media regulator PTA on Thursday again blocked the Chinese video app “Tiktok”. Previously, two lawyers from the country had moved the court and claimed that pornographic material was being disseminated through this app. About six months ago, the Pakistani regulatory agency banned “Tiktok”.

The PTA had received complaints that the social media app contained allegedly unethical and obscene content. The agency, in a brief statement, said it had banned “Tiktok”, serving as an orderly in the High Court in Peshawar. Other than that, the agency did not provide any further details. The Peshawar High Court said it had followed up on pleas from lawyers Nazish Muzaffar and Sara Ali.

“ Tiktok videos are not accepted in Pakistani society ”
The lawyers in their petition demanded that the video-sharing app remain blocked until it complies with the instructions and guidelines given by the Pakistani media mnemonic last year. During the hearing, the judge said that the video uploaded to Tiktok had not been accepted in Pakistani society.

He said most of the young people were affected. On the other hand, Tittock clarified this. Ticktock said that we are constantly monitoring the video for content that violates service and community regulations. He said we have banned many such accounts that break the rules.

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