TikTok is updated on Android to support Surface Duo

During the month of August, Microsoft officially introduced Surface Duo, the company’s latest mobile that uses Android. This surprised the general public with its price, especially knowing that it was more limited in terms of Hardware, even if we saw the analysis the sensations were opposite.

While the product never felt less than premium, its software didn’t keep up. Many apps haven’t even been adapted to the service, which means they’re not used unless we’re only using it on one screen. As with Kindle and Spotify, a new app adds support for the Surface Duo, TikTok.

Surface Duo lets you discover content while watching another

It’s hard not to know about TikTok, being a social network that has grown at a rapid pace due to the ability to create short and fast videos with a large number of effects. Such was the boom in the app that Facebook itself wanted to copy it to Instagram with Reels.

For a few days, according to the PlayStore, anyone with a Surface Duo can download TikTok, extend it across both screens, and enjoy its new integration. On the left side of the screen we will see the search section, where we can discover a lot of new content, while on the right we can see the videos themselves.

In the image above, we can see TikTok on my own Surface Duo, where you can see what it looks like. In the official Microsoft image, the bottom bar of the right screen should include the profile, which doesn’t appear to be the case at this time. Likewise, it is an easily resolvable defect, but it already allows us to enjoy a new experience on both screens.

Knowing that, at the moment, it has only been released in the US, not many people will have it, but if it does and you don’t have TikTok, you can install it in the PlayStore. Many apps won’t be suitable for being a minor device, but all of these additions are appreciated, more in a product that is better than it looks.

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