Time Travel: Alien Human War On Earth, Time Traveler Claims

A time traveler has claimed that next year, seven-foot-long aliens will land on Earth. This time traveler claims to be from the year 2491. This man, who runs the Futuretime Traveler blog, bizarrely claimed he would go to war with the humans living on earth. Until now, no opinion has formed among scientists on the existence or not of extraterrestrials. The US military has also refused to confirm their existence in the report released a few days ago on aliens and UFOs.

Tell the date of the arrival of aliens on earth
Futuretime Traveler wrote in the caption of their video that “What you call aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year. The exact date of their first sighting is May 24, 2022. He said that in 2491 there were a variety of aliens who lived on Earth as civilian groups. These are called Nirons.

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The time traveler praises aliens
He said, “They come to our country in peace. We are not in danger because of them. But, America attacks them and the war begins in many dimensions. He is approximately 7 feet 4 inches tall. The skull of their head is elongated, the body color is dark brown, while the texture is distorted. They are not harmful but extremely dangerous when provoked. “

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Claims of the time traveler are hard to believe
So far, neither the time traveler has been scientifically confirmed nor the aliens. In such a situation, it seems very difficult to believe the claims of this time traveler. There have been allegations of UFO sightings in many countries, but the public announcement of their existence or any other type of evidence has not been made to date.

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British Estress also made a strange statement
The Daily Star Sunday quoted actress Abby Bella last month as saying she had a relationship with aliens. This actress claimed that she had met five aliens, whose bodies were much thinner and larger than that of normal humans. Abby Bella even claimed that aliens took her to their home planet for a 20-minute date.

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