Time traveler claims Earth will soon descend in three days of mysterious darkness: the time traveler ‘s sensational claim, soon mystics will be submerged in darkness for three days on Earth

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The Time Traveler claimed that Earth will sink into darkness for three days. The man says he came from the year 2582 and warns Hattime Trevorl has posted a video on Tiktok about his claim.
A man who describes himself as a time traveler has claimed that Earth will sink into darkness for three days over the next decade. This person says he came from the year 2582. However, he did not provide any evidence to support his claim. Time Trevor posted a video on TickTalk regarding his claim. Time Traveler has 6 lakh 30 thousand followers on Tiktok.

@ etimeraveler2582 This person has uploaded numerous complaint videos to their account. One of his videos has been viewed 4 times. This user has indicated that something big is going to happen on Earth on June 6, 2026. He said, “ Believe it or not, it’s going to happen on June 6, 2026. On this day, Earth will go into darkness for three days.

Thousands of people responded
The Time Traveler did not provide additional information on the reasons for this sensational claim. He said, “Don’t look at them. Do not look at the sky, the light is coming from the pyramid. Do not use any human light other than candles. The Time Traveler warned his viewers that they should be ready and stay indoors.

Tens of thousands of people have responded to this video so far. Many people demanded that they give more answers to the light coming from the pyramid. Also tell us what will happen next. The Ticketlock user gave a brief response and said I’ll give more details soon. It will eliminate all your doubts. One user commented: ‘I’m afraid of the dark and don’t even have a candle. Will we be able to use TV and mobile then? Let me tell you that the time traveler has made many claims so far, but the truth about them has not been revealed.

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