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People who work from home in the midst of a lockdown must consider these issues before buying a desktop.

Take a basic LCD monitor, as no gaming or programming is required.
If there is a budget problem, second hand PCO will work. Get a monitor with multitasking feature or reading mode.
Take the keyboard and mouse according to your needs and working style. If typing and keyboard shortcuts work, take a mechanical keyboard, otherwise a simple keyboard may also work.

Don’t fall into the trap of overcharging or branding. Take the mouse according to the palm of your hand which is comfortable to operate. A wireless mouse is a good option.

– Desktops with 8 GB of RAM are enough for graphics related work but if you do heavy work related to video editing and graphics you can take 16 GB RAM system. You can buy an old system from a professional.
Buy an APU processor instead of a CPU. APU processors usually end with the letter ‘G’ and bring graphics. In other words, there is no problem in buying a graphics card separately.
– Take a motherboard whose socket can be easily connected to your processor.

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