Tips for eating healthy and thus performing at 100%

Leading a healthy lifestyle and eating in a balanced way, with all the essential nutrients, is the key to ensuring that our body and mind perform 100% both in the workplace and in all our daily activities. But, in order to assimilate the habit of having a healthy diet that lasts over time, several factors must be taken into account in order for the objective to be to fulfill it successfully.

First you have to find the reason. Ask yourself why you want to change the way you eat. This point is essential as it will keep motivation alive throughout the process, until it becomes a fully assimilated practice. Whatever your motives, know them.

Learn and choose a good meal plan. Rely on reliable sources with scientific criteria or search for a dietetic and nutrition professional. Get a good plan for how to get started and how to do it. Targeted nutrition plans are available on WellWo, the workplace health and wellness platform.

Calm and patience. Everything is a process, therefore, it will not happen overnight. It is essential to know that in order to acquire the habit of eating healthy, you must have patience and willpower.

You don’t forbid, change. Bans generate a rebound effect in the future. The process of changing foods must be organic, therefore, instead of banning foods that are not as healthy as, say, industrial dumplings, change them to others that are. One idea will be the homemade oatmeal pancakes with dark chocolate and berries. Seek, cook, taste and experiment.

The kitchen is full of health. Little by little, get rid of that unhealthy food and fill the pantry with those foods that nourish your body. Vegetables, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, legumes, cereals, nuts, aromatic herbs, natural sweets, etc. Try to keep it seasonal and fresh.

Planning is power. Plan ahead for groceries and meals. In this way, you will avoid the times when there is an appetite, and since you do not know what to eat, you resort to unfavorable dishes. Planning provides the opportunity to take the time to put together balanced, nutrient-dense dishes.

Finally, always listen to your body. At the start of this transition it can be difficult, but gradually connect with your body and watch the changes take place. Identify how you feel with food, if when you feel hungry outside of meals it is real or it is the result of an emotional state. Observe if you are going to the bathroom correctly, what your energy level is, if you are resting better, and how this is affecting your emotions. Most importantly, consciously enjoy eating and how your body feels when you have been eating healthy for a while.

For more advice on nutrition, physical, emotional or environmental health, we are waiting for you at WellWo.

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