Tips for feeling light and continuing to take care of your diet on vacation

While it may seem difficult, it is also possible to combine the whims or excesses of a vacation with maintaining a healthy daily routine, preventing the return to work from involving so much physical and mental strain. How can we do it? As easy as setting up a few little habits in the travel plans that Kaiku Sin Lactose wanted to share, the range of lactose-free, rich and light products.

Snack between meals? Yes, but light

Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, a good alternative to the less healthy snack is to carry several healthy snacks in a portable refrigerator or in a lunch box which will make the trip a little lighter. It is advisable to avoid ultra-processed or sugar-laden products, and to opt for snacks brought from home such as: hummus with carrots, apples, bananas or “snacks on the go” such as Kaiku Sans Lactose MIX which combines muesli and yogurt.

Healthy local and seasonal product

Among the gastronomy and cuisine of a place we find not only sweets, casseroles or alcoholic drinks, but also fresh and quality products. Go to local markets, buy seasonal foods, and in restaurants, opt primarily for fish and vegetables, and avoid fried foods and sauces as much as possible. Baked, steamed or broiled are great healthy alternatives.

Free buffet in moderation

Many hotels offer an open buffet service, in which there is a tendency to overeat. Knowing how to filter through the wide variety of buffet options is no easy task, but leaving temptations aside, Kaiku Lactose Free recommends opting primarily for fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, and whole grain breads. and healthy proteins like those found in avocados and yogurt. . By starting the day off in a healthy way, you can offset any excess that may lie ahead.

Total disconnection

For the holidays to have an effect on our mood, they must last more than four days, during which time our body and mind completely relax from everyday life. It is not only healthy to eat well, but also to completely disconnect from the routine. Except in cases of force majeure, putting aside your phone or computer and just worrying about having fun is the best way to disconnect.

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