Tips for overcoming post-vacation syndrome through internal communication

Every September, the same scene repeats itself: the company is filled with demotivated workers suffering from post-vacation syndrome.

Even if, fortunately, this situation is generally overcome after a few days and most employees resume their pace without major problems, all companies have in their possession a powerful tool that allows them to make this step more bearable for their employees. : internal communication.

“A company that maintains open and continuous communication with its employees is an organization that cares about them and seeks to create a pleasant and productive environment. For this reason, their role after the end of the holidays becomes very important ”, explains Emilien Delile, director of Steeple Spain, a company specializing in internal communication which provides some recommendations to successfully overcome the post-holiday syndrome.

With foresight

Ideally, leave a schedule of topics and timetables prepared before going on vacation, but, if that has not been possible, focus on a few actions and get them done. It’s much better than missing a good opportunity to communicate with your employees.

Give welcome

No one is bitter about a sweet or even welcoming and motivating message from management. Let your employees know that you are happy to see them again and encourage them with positive messages.

Limit meetings

We all want to catch up when we get to the office, but we shouldn’t fall into the trap of calling crazy meetings. Limit them to those that are really necessary and send a statement with the most important events that happened during the holidays. You will help save time for the whole team.

Share the good times

Don’t turn your back on the holidays. Create a channel where you can upload photos or trivia from the summer. You can run contests for the funniest, most appealing image that gets more reactions, etc. This will increase interaction and participation.

Encourage teleworking

After a year and a half of the pandemic, your business has had ample time to verify that everything is working as well when staff are working from home, at least part of their day. A gradual return to work where face-to-face days are combined with other teleworking days will be a bottle of oxygen for the team and a very powerful internal communication tool.

With an eye on the end of the year

With only four months to go until the end of the year, it’s time to focus on the goals for the next quarter. Share with your employees the current situation of the company and tell them what you expect from them to achieve the goals you set for yourself in early 2021. And remember: always positive. It’s about encouraging, not intimidating.

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