Tips for taking care of our psychological and emotional health by teleworking


Tips for taking care of our psychological and emotional health by teleworking

Physical exercise, a balanced diet and an active lifestyle are key agents in this process.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 p.m. – July 27, 2021

Enjoying a good quality of life goes far beyond the physical. The brain, like any other part of the body, needs to be in good shape. While it is true that with age it is common to begin to have some mental deterioration, continuous brain stimulation has been shown to promote the development of new neural connections, thereby helping to stimulate their activity.

Physical exercise, a balanced diet and an active lifestyle are key agents in this process. “Leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and overeating can reduce the risk of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease,” comments Alvar Ocano, medical director of Aegon.

According to Aegon experts, here are some of the things to consider for good brain health:

Mediterranean diet: the brain, like an engine, needs fat for its proper functioning. El consumo de aquellas grasas adecuadas, especialmente las que contienen mayor cantidad de cidos grasos Omega-6 present in los vegetales, girasol, soya, ssamo o maz y de cidos Omega-3 en el coco, el aguacate y pescados azules, its beneficiosos para the brain. The intake of vitamins is essential during this period of life, especially vitamin D and B12 (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products and fortified cereals). Physical health: To maintain a healthy body and mind, it is essential to get moderate exercise every day. However, there are a lot of people who don’t take the time to go to the gym, play sports, or do an exercise program in the park. Taking the opportunity to walk between trips and do daily chores like cleaning, dancing, playing with the kids, etc., is a good way to save time for daily physical activity. A great way is to walk outside, which moreover will allow us to fix the vitamin D that we have ingested thanks to the action of the sun. Caring for Social Relationships: Human beings are social by nature, so bonding with others is vital for the longevity, well-being and proper maintenance of a young brain. To take care of social relationships, it is necessary to leave the house, to remain socially active, to talk, to spend time with our loved ones, as well as to maintain contact and relationships with friends. Joining associations, clubs or volunteering can also help build new relationships. All of this will remove feelings of loneliness, isolation, of little use to society, etc., especially for people who live alone. Intellectual activity: a high cognitive reserve can be a good ally to maintain a healthy brain and resist the effects that can cause degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. For this, it is important to maintain constant stimulation in our mind that involves small challenges, such as reading and board games, as many of them require numeracy skills, recent memory, and the ability to predict. . Likewise, anything that involves learning and acquiring new knowledge will also promote cognitive activity. Emotional well-being: Certain mental conditions such as chronic stress have been shown to produce significant changes in the structure of the brain, reducing the size of certain areas such as the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala and the hippocampus. These areas play a very important role in emotional regulation, memory and learning. Additionally, it helps increase difficulty with concentration and memorization in stressed people, especially affecting spatial and short-term memory, ultimately causing stroke. Take care of sleep: One of the most important aspects of maintaining an adequate level is to maintain a sleep routine, trying not to modify it. It is advisable to sleep a total of 7-8 hours and a short nap.

But how do emotions affect our brain?

It is clear that mental health affects physical health. Thoughts generate emotions and these produce a state of mind which can be positive or negative. Therefore, the quality of mental health largely depends on the quality of thoughts, which affects our overall health and well-being.

To feel a greater sense of calm and well-being, Aegon experts point out that it is necessary to change the way we think, because only in this way can we improve mental health and indirectly also health. of the brain. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Restoring balance Trying to reconcile professional and personal life seems impossible today, but it is not only possible, it is necessary. Habits such as learning to deal with stress, spending time in activities that can improve quality of life can help to have greater mental clarity, a sense of control, and body-mind balance. Express Your Emotions In a situation of stress or worry, you should try to find time for yourself, whether it is playing sports or any other activity. “There are many ways of expressing what we are feeling and, oddly enough, the most effective are not always verbal,” says Alvar Ocano, Medical Director of Aegon. Spend the necessary time The current lifestyle, based on immediacy, often causes significant episodes of stress. Running from one place to another is not synonymous with productivity, the reality is, it is the number one cause of unnecessary stress on people. Reducing daily activities, living in the present, and prioritizing are some of the keys to maintaining good mental health.

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