“To be a vice-advisor, you don’t have to be on the lists”

Updated: Friday, April 16, 2021 9:13 AM

Published on: 04.16.2021 09:12

Isabel Díaz Ayuso will bet on Toni Cantó, despite the court ruling. Former Citizens and the UPyD will not be able to appear on the list of the Popular Party of the Community of Madrid, but it is quite possible that he will be part of the Government if Ayuso becomes president again.

This was confirmed by the leader of the PP Madrid in an interview with “Vózpopuli”. Asked about the decision of the Constitutional Court, she assured that she “had plans for everything” and recalled that “to be an adviser, deputy adviser or director, it is not necessary” to be on the lists.

Some statements that come hours after the Constitutional Court ruled that Cantó cannot be on the electoral list, nor Agustín Conde, because they were recorded on March 22 and 26 respectively.

The census ends on January 1, 2021, so, as Madrid’s Administrative Dispute Tribunal No.5 argues, the two candidates did not have time to be part of an application.

The former member of the orange formation assured that he respected “this decision” and that the registration or not on the electoral lists “was not essential”. “The important thing is that the 4M Madrid continues to be free. And that is what I will devote body and soul to this campaign,” he wrote on social networks.

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