To close or not to close the office in August?

August is characterized by being the holiday month in which more and more businesses are closing their doors. In this sense, 18% of Spanish companies decide to close in August according to a study by Grant Thornton. The economic repercussions of shutting down a business for the entire month are increasingly difficult to bear, which is why 45% of businesses decide to downsize instead of shutting down completely.

Increasingly, competition makes it riskier to shut down an entire month, so businesses choose to shut down shorter periods or continue to operate with minimal services and, where possible, offer digital services. In August, the turnover of many companies drops dramatically, dropping by up to 50% of monthly profits, according to the Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets (BME).

Coming from the Synergie group, an organization specializing in the integral management of Human Resources, they see this seasonal period as an opportunity to reorganize the team, to develop the company and to propose the start of the financial year in September, because it is important that the work is present every month of the year.

To close or not to close the business in August?

The closure of the company in August supposes a total disconnection on the part of the workers, thus promoting the division between work and leisure. Also, if you have a good cushion of income from previous months, and you don’t enter August, you won’t be overspending either. In this sense, you can save some operating costs such as equipment or raw material costs.

However, the benefits of keeping the business open are increasingly visible and should be considered, as not completely breaking up the pace offers some benefits. By not ceasing the activity, the income continues steadily. In the event that other companies in the sector close their doors, the possibilities of attracting new customers are greater, so there is the possibility of creating new business links, attracting new customers and creating projects. business. However, according to the study mentioned above, 37% of Spanish companies do not vary their activity and even manage to increase their profits, especially those belonging to the tourism sector. Therefore, we can see how continuing the activity in August can bring success to organizations that continue to work.

Josep Morales, Digital Marketing and Corporate Technician at Synergie, comments: “The feeling is that fewer and fewer companies can afford the luxury of shutting down an entire month, and more so in the past year and a half. Summer has become a time to reset, slow down, regain strength and plan for the return to September, but not to completely disconnect. He adds: “At Synergie we see how last month we received a high number of leads through our website and we continue to receive them, so that suggests that the tendency to keep the business going and focus on the objectives towards the end of the year they are present in a large part of the organizations ”.

Demand for digital profiles is growing

One of the options for continuing to do business is downsizing and moving to the digitalization of the core business. Hiring digital profiles is therefore essential, in addition to being a necessary condition to access any current job offer.

At Synergie Spain, personal development is a priority, a continuous development focused on ICT to easily adapt to the different needs of the company and thus achieve the objectives set. Experts in the integral management of Human Resources, they ensure that the opening of companies throughout the year is a job opportunity to be seized.

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