“Today a singer enters prison”

Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 4:52 PM

Published on: 02/16/2021 4:32 PM

CUP MP Albert Botran starred in a controversial moment during his speech during the parliamentary debate on the so-called “Zerolo Law”. From the speakers’ platform, the deputy played on his cell phone a song by rapper Pablo Hasél, who has entered prison today.

“How many millions and millions have they looted and wasted”, launches the rap of Hasél chosen by Botran, who put his phone before the microphones to share it with all the deputies, between calls to the attention of the president of the chamber, Meritxell Batet.

“It was accepted that today we are talking about a law that concerns fundamental rights, it is said that today in the Spanish State a singer enters prison, as in the saddest of dictatorships, for crimes of opinion, ”he said. the “cupaire”.

“They are not hiding behind the judges. In this chamber, there are responsibilities for insults to the crown or the glorification of terrorism which has been instrumentalised for ideological persecution,” he said.

For Botran “it is also ideological discrimination”, he underlined, recalling that since ETA left the armed activity, the penalties for exalting terrorism have skyrocketed.

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