“Today begins the reconstruction of the center-right”


Publication: Thursday, March 18, 2021 3:18 PM

After the failure of the motion of censure of Ciudadanos and the PSOE in Murcia to overthrow the president of the PP, Fernando López Miras, the party leader, Pablo Casado, sent a message of force around his formation, and even affects that what happened in Murcia opens a new stage in Spanish politics: “Today, in Murcia, the reconstruction of the center-right begins”, he declared.

Married, who traveled to Murcia with the number 2 of the party, García Egea, assured that this change was already predicted, and would be born “from the base”, according to the leader: “This is what started today ‘ hui in Murcia, because there are deputies who belonged to other parties and who chose to support the government, and there are other deputies who belonged to another party, but who decided that the center-right had to be united “, he commented with reference to the Citizen deputies who are They transferred the PP, as well as the former members of Vox who supported López Miras today.

Married, in addition, alluded to what has happened in recent days in national politics and harshly criticizes his political rivals: “What has been tried to perpetrate in Murcia, this conspiracy of Pedro Sánchez, Ciudadanos and Unidas Podemos , has had an impact in regions, such as Castilla y León and Madrid. But the same thing that happened today in Murcia, will happen in Madrid, ”insists the leader.

In this sense, with regard to the city of Murcia and Castilla y León, she also appealed to the rest of the formations: “We ask that the motion of the City Council of Murcia and the Government of Castilla y León be withdrawn – which is debated next Monday – Not everything is happening in politics, we are at a time when the Spaniards need stability ”, sentence.

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