Today is the clash between Fernández Díaz and his former number 2, Francisco Martínez

Today, the confrontation between the former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and his number 2, Francisco Martínez, is held to oppose the contradictory versions they gave of the illegal espionage device to Luis Bárcenas. This was ordered by the judge of the national court Manuel García Castellón.

Francisco Martínez, in his statement, assured that the minister was aware of the espionage of Luis Bárcenas. However, Fernández Díaz, who testified a day later before the judge, said he had discovered Operation Kitchen through the press.

García Castellón also called several National Police officers who carried out follow-ups and Civil Guard Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos, to whom Martínez granted the authorization to declare the reserved funds.

Regarding the practice of confrontation, the judge records in his car that the former head of the Interior denied in his judicial declaration the reality of the WhatsApp messages that the former Secretary of State admitted to having formalized and attributed. to Fernández Díaz. The former minister claimed that these messages were neither his own nor knew of their existence.

The magistrate asks Fernández Díaz to indicate if he wishes to provide his old cell phone, which he refers to in his statement

Given this contradiction in the statement of the two respondents, the judge considers that the practice of confrontation between them is appropriate. Given their importance and the incriminating charge they have, given the contradictions between the statements of the former Secretary of State and the former Minister of the Interior, this magistrate considers that it is necessary to summon the two investigated again to appear jointly, to submit them to the diligence of the confrontation, ”he says in his writings.

Likewise, the judge asks Fernández Díaz to indicate whether, voluntarily, he wishes to provide his old mobile phone, to which he referred in his judicial statement “in order to corroborate or rule out the sending of messages”. And is that the former “popular” leader has already delivered a terminal, but it was his new phone and there was no information related to the case.

Martínez assured that Fernández Díaz was aware of everything

The former number 2 of the Interior assured that the then minister was aware of everything that was happening around the “kitchen operation”. According to his statement, Jorge Fernández Díaz asked him in July 2013 to find out whether it was true that Sergio Ríos, Luis Bárcenas’ driver, was a police officer.

In this sense, Martínez indicated that he had asked the Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the National Police, Eugenio Pino, and that he had confirmed it. When he transferred the information to Fernández Díaz, he replied “keep me informed”. Since then, he says, he has reported information about it.

Fernández Díaz assured that he knew absolutely nothing about Operation Kitchen or about the espionage of Luis Bárcenas, who learned “from the press” and that his former number 2 Francisco Martínez “was false yesterday”. The former minister declared verbatim that he had discovered Kitchen “through the press” and that he considered “disloyalty” that this operation had been carried out without his knowledge.

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