Today is the last day to request a postal vote in the Madrid elections

Posted: Saturday, April 24, 2021 6:01 AM

On May 4, the Madrid elections will take place to elect the new regional government of the community. Today, Saturday April 24, is the last day to request the postal vote which allows you to participate in a non-presential way in these elections.

Since the start of the pandemic, postal voting has become one of the safest options for citizens to exercise their right to vote, as has already been demonstrated in regional elections in Galicia, Euskadi and Catalonia .

This modality gives the possibility of voting without having to physically go to the polling station. It can be requested by residents of the Community of Madrid as well as by those in other communities or abroad. In fact, last year, administrations encouraged its use to avoid unnecessary crowds. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Who can vote by post?

All persons of Spanish nationality who reside in Madrid and have the right to vote can exercise it by mail, provided that they do so within the specified time limits. Voters who have their residence abroad, those who reside temporarily outside our borders and voters who reside abroad but request it while in Spain will also be able to vote.

If this voting method is chosen, the voter must know that he will not be able to change his decision subsequently, so that he will not be able to vote at his polling station.

Where can you request a vote by mail?

Postal voting can be requested at any post office, after completing a form available to the public. This can also be done through its website, although in this case it is necessary to have the digital certificate or electronic identification and self-signature in order to be able to identify yourself on the page and be able to complete the request.

What documentation is needed to vote?

If we have made the request for a postal vote, the Electoral Census Office (OCE) sends the necessary documents to vote to the address that appears in the request, between April 14 and 27. They are as follows:

Enumeration certificate Ballot paper with the candidates presented Sheet with the steps to follow Envelope to the chair of the assigned table Voting envelope

After completing the steps, it is possible to deliver the envelope with the vote to the same factor within the set deadlines. In any case, the votes cannot be sent by April 30 at the latest.

For those who live abroad

To exercise the right to vote in the case of residents abroad or citizens passing through Spain, the application deadline ended on April 5. However, if you already have the necessary documents, the last date to vote by mail is also April 30.

Those who choose this option must first ensure that they are registered as non-residents. Then, depending on each person’s situation, the vote must be sent to different destinations:

Temporary residents abroad should send it directly to the corresponding polling station. Permanent residents abroad should send it to the corresponding consular office or vote in the ballot box provided by the same office.

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