Today we will find out who will be the winners of the ‘I Worker’s Compensation Awards’

Today we will find out who will be the winners of the ‘I Worker’s Compensation Awards’

In a few moments, we will finally be able to find out who the winners of the “I Labor Compensation Awards” are. A face-to-face event organized byRRHHDigital, with the support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors, and has Compensa, Edenred, EY and Payflow as competition sponsors. This is an award aimed at promoting and showcasing the best initiatives in the field of labor compensation, such as employee benefit plans, flexible compensation, support for physical well-being. mental and financial aspects of workers … as well as how to offer them, on the basis of digitization and flexibility, major trends in the field of remuneration today.

And it is that, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, with the economic and labor issues that arise, employee benefits have become an essential tool for companies when it comes to recognizing the work of their employees and to work on the employer brand, the attraction and retention of talents.

Since the opening of the deadline for submitting applications last December, we have received dozens of them, with the implication that this involves prestigious companies themselves, as well as their leaders. A jury, made up of human resources directors, company executives and compensation experts, has already received the work and will today highlight the best projects received. And it will be in a few moments, during the gala organized in Madrid, that the jury’s decision will be rendered.

What will be the winning projects? Very attentive to RRHHDigital to find out!

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