Tom Moore: Captain Tom Moore of Great Britain has died: Captain Tom Moore has died

Retired Colonel Tom Moore, 100, who was in the war against the corona virus outbreak, led by example by raising $ 45 million for UK hospitals. He was called “Captain Hero” and chivalry was also given this country’s highest honor, but this deadly virus did not save his life. Colonel Top died on Tuesday.

Colonel Moore was undergoing treatment for pneumonia and tested positive for the corona virus last month. He was rushed to hospital with shortness of breath, but his condition continued to worsen. He finally breathed his last Tuesday. Colonel Moore walked around his garden and raised money for the National Health Service (NHS) through the charity.

The passion was fixed
He even received a gift from Prince William. He dominated media and social media and people continued to give examples of his willpower. His passion and liveliness became convincing. Queen Elizabeth came out of solitary confinement and gave him the honor of knight. Tom retired from the military as a captain and was awarded the title of colonel with due respect.

War with corona after world war
Born in West Yorkshire, Colonel Moore was a civil engineer when he enlisted in the military during World War II. While in the military he took part in many difficult missions and in October 1941 he was also posted to India. After leaving the army, he began to work as a salesperson. He met office manager Pamela while working at Gravesend. The love between the two prevailed and they got married.

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