Tomahawk: Tomahawk Missile: America made the Tomahawk missile super powerful, understand these 5 pictures: New power – The US Navy has an improved Tomahawk cruise missile, 5 things you need to know about the new variant of the V-block Raytheon Tomahawk

The United States will introduce an upgraded version of the Tomahawk cruise missile destroyer into the Navy amid mounting tensions from China and Russia. This missile is so powerful that every war America has waged over the past 30 years has been used relentlessly in every one. Recently its new version Block V Tomahawk was tested. During this time, the missile met all of its predefined parameters. By making many major changes to this Cold War missile, America is preparing it for future wars. This is the same missile that wreaked havoc in Syria and Libya in 2017 and 2018 by the United States. This missile also proved its strength in the Gulf War against Iraq. Why is this tomahawk different from all the other old tomahawks, and can this old war warrior enter the era of hypersonic missiles? Know the answers to many of these questions …

How dangerous is the American Tomahawk missile?

Missile experts point out that the Tomahawk missile is a very precise weapon for ranged attacks. The range of this cruise missile goes from 1,250 km to 2,500 km. Traveling at a lower altitude than other missiles in its class, the Tomahawk can be launched from the sea via submarines or warships. Being at low altitude, they are also unable to catch the radar. This is the reason why the enemies do not even have the idea of ​​attacking these missiles. The Tomahawk missile is guided through the advanced navigation system. The length of this missile is 18 feet 3 inches (5.56 m), with the thruster measuring 5 feet in length. The speed of the missile can be from 885.139 km / h to 1416.22 km / h.

America makes changes in Tomahawk missile

US weapons manufacturer Raytheon equipped the missile with new capabilities with the Tomahawk Block V variant. The missile can now target any enemy warship patrolling the sea within a range of 1600 kilometers. This missile will also be equipped with a new warhead. Warhead is called ammunition or explosive placed in any missile. With the help of which any missile causes more destruction on its target. For this, Raytheon is preparing new types of powerful explosives. However, these would be non-nuclear warheads. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the range of the Tomahawk missile is very important to confront China in the Indo-Pacific. Because China is already deploying DF-26 and DF-21 missiles in this area. Of this total, the DF-26 missile has a range of approximately 2,490 km, while the DF-21 missile can reach 1335 km.

The Tomahawk missile will be equipped with an advanced navigation system

The Block V variant of the Tomahawk missile has an advanced navigation system. Thanks to this system, this missile can not only hit its target with the highest precision, but it is also impossible for the enemy to stop it. Brian Clarke, a retired naval officer and senior researcher at the Hudson Institute, said he has a more powerful communication and navigation system. This will not affect any of this missile’s jammers. Enemy countries often attempt to stop missiles and ship systems using electronic warfare, but this missile will have no effect on enemy attacks. Its radar signature was also kept very low, which the enemy will not be able to detect. The use of these missiles will increase the strength of the US Navy by leaps and bounds. In 2017, Raytheon’s Tomahawk program manager said that with the navigation system upgrade, we would be able to penetrate our targets via GPS.

The price of a Tomahawk missile is around five and a half crores

Tomahawk missiles do not travel in a straight line towards the target, so they cannot be dropped in the middle. These missiles were first used by the United States in Operation Desert Storm. These missiles can carry over 450 kg of explosives with them. They are also capable of carrying nuclear weapons. However, the United States separated them from nuclear use. A Tomahawk missile costs around five and a half crores. The Tomahawk Block-2 missile can reach 2,500 km. This missile is 5.5 meters long without a thruster and up to 6.5 meters with a thruster. Currently, the missile is deployed in the US and UK Royal Navy. Taiwan has also linked up with the United States for the purchase of this missile.

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