Toni Cantó blames Arrimadas for “embarrassing” management in Murcia: “It’s dramatic”

Publication: Monday, March 15, 2021 10:27

The coordinator of the citizens of the Valencian Community, Toni Cantó, called the management of Inés Arrimadas at the head of the failed motion of censure against the government of Murcia “awkwardly embarrassing” and blamed him for the crisis unleashed within the party .

He sang, which led Ciudadanos to become the third political force in the last Valencian elections, said in an interview with Cope that “it is not understood” that “the embarrassing spectacle of the censure motion in Murcia” was done behind the backs of leaders like Juan Marín, Igea or himself: “He is going to have to explain it to us today because it is reprehensible.”

It is precisely this Monday that Arrimadas meets the Citizens’ Executive Committee to analyze the serious crisis in which the party has been plunged. There are reports that the leader will incorporate names like Begoña Villacís or Juan Marín into the party’s hard core to quell the fire.

He sang, he was in favor of “fighting to the end for the game and making it float”, although he asks “to take broad responsibility for everything that has been done in this game. over the past month “and this has led him to a” dramatic “situation.

“I already said it in the last executive and I was ignored,” he said, recalling that the month’s balance left Cs as a “residual force in Catalonia” and with the possibility of “disappearing to Madrid”.

“I think we have to regain the reliability of the party,” said the leader of the formation in Valencia, who is convinced that the party will survive “this horrible month”: “There is room for a liberal party like ours”. Cantó also ruled out his march to the People’s Party and said he was determined to “rebuild” the Orange Party.

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