Toni Cantó offers his support to the next leader of the Valencian PP after being excluded from Ayuso’s list: “I will be where they tell me”

Toni Cantó offers his support to the next head of the Valencian PP, after being excluded from the electoral list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid: “The person chosen by the party to lead the Valencian Community can count on me,” a he assured this Friday, in an interview on the ‘COPE’ network.

The ex-leader of Ciudadanos affirmed that the next leader of the party will be able to count on him “wherever they tell him” and “from anywhere” to build “a good alternative” in front of the current Valencian executive, that ‘he describes like “nationalistic socialism and podemita”.

“I will be where I can be, we will see in the months to come how the process of the primaries that they have there progresses, but the person who is chosen by the party to lead the Valencian Community can count on me and, as always, everywhere, it doesn’t matter, ”he said.

“I will put all the meat on the grill and I will spend my last energy to help the same thing that is happening in Madrid to happen,” promised Cantó, who believes that the “axis” chosen by Díaz Ayuso ” is perfectly exportable to the next elections in the Community “.

When asked if he plans to attend the PPCV primaries himself, Cantó excluded: “I’m not going to get involved in the internal process that the PP is going through. These are time consuming processes and I don’t know how they will do it. He said, insisting, however, that he will be “everywhere” to help create a majority “that enables change” in the region.

Thus, he trusted that “soon the PP will choose its leader in the Valencian Community.” In all that I can collaborate for the center-right to join forces, I will be where they tell me to lend a hand and that there is a change, ”he condemned.

Excluded from 4M auction

He sang these declarations two weeks after being excluded from the electoral list of the PP in the 4M elections, which he would in principle attend in the fifth position, after having rejected by the Constitutional Court the appeal of the party against the decision of a court in Madrid which considered him “ineligible” for these elections.

The reason is that, although the exporter of the orange formation of Les Corts registered in Madrid on March 22, the census was closed on January 1, so it was out of time to be part of a candidacy for the autonomous elections. .

The popular candidate, however, opened the door to include her in her executive if she won the election on May 4, when she had not put him on her list. This was confirmed in an interview with ‘Vózpopuli’ after the court ruling, in which he recalled that “to be an adviser, vice-adviser or director, it is not necessary” to be on the lists.

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