Toni Cantó resigns from citizens’ executive and quits politics after Murcia crisis


Publication: Monday March 15, 2021 13:54

Toni Cantó has announced that he is stepping down from politics after resigning from the citizens’ executive and has indicated that he will travel to Valencia to issue his certificate of deputy to Corts Valencianes. News that comes after Arrimadas proposed to include him in the permanent executive.

He does so after the crisis triggered in the party by the failure of the motion of censure against the government of Murcia, after three resigned deputies were convinced by the PP to vote against: “I resign from this executive, I will leave as soon as I can go to Valencia and I will issue my assistant certificate “.

“Inés Arrimadas could choose between protecting the party or protecting its executive, I asked for the resignation of the permanent executive and he was not allowed to vote. You have to take responsibility and they don’t,” a he declared at the end of the meeting of the leadership of the party.

Cantó assured that it is “urgent” to withdraw “this ridiculous motion of censure” which he describes as “a bad idea” and that it was “carried out in an absolutely embarrassing way”.

In addition, he demanded that the party not only go to the elections in Madrid, but in a coalition with the PP: “We cannot go with Ignacio Aguado, which is one of the fundamental reasons why the government was broken. . “

Cantó fixed his ad that he is “sad” and “messed up”: “The only thing I think about now is to call my rep to see if I can start working on mine soon.”

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