Top 14: Stade Toulousain waived jump-off

the essentials At the end of the 26th and final day of the match, the “Red-Blacks” won their ticket against UBB for a direct semi-final.

The way is free! The residents of Toulouse can take a deep breath, they will not find a roadblock on the road to Lille. A direct qualification that they were looking for in Bordeaux, with no credit to anyone, and that rewards a regular season that was certainly punctuated by a few problems at home but spent most of the time at the top of the table.
Defense solidarity

And if they only needed one point to afford a semi-finals, the Stadistes earned an honor point to beat UBB for the third time this season. Christophe Urios’ team, driven by a small but noisy audience (what a pleasure to hear the names of the birds again from the stands and to find candidates to succeed Mr Ruiz!) Its highlights against a sometimes shaken, but to realize defenses to be reformed again and again.

A solidarity that made it possible for the Girondins, while in Tauzin the success of his people against (80th) was still banal (57). An action that symbolizes Toulouse’s difficulties in sometimes making the gesture only last night. Especially in the first phase, in which they showed a pretty impressive pragmatism without having shown any self-control and scored points with almost every attack. It must be admitted that the situation of the Bordelais, confident of the barrage at home and having little illusion about a possible direct semi-final, has organized them well to manage their game, their hosts opting for penalties every time their position after returning from the locker room.

Stuttering and fever

Present in the back, but robbed of balls because hesitant in the conquest (three balls lost in contact with the ball, then a fourth in the second half, two penalties conceded in the crowd), sometimes feverishly with strikers without pressure (Elstadt, 17; Ntamack, 19), uncontrolled balls (missed return from Elstadt, 38) or mistakes that will be expensive in two weeks (delayed tackle … Elstadt fortunately punished with a simple penalty), the “Reds and Blacks” have the test of strength of a UBB that a little is too persistent in wanting the axis to just go through the outside (where it eventually broke the teeth). And although the stadists conceded an attempt that rewarded the logic of Gironde dominance, they took advantage of the infrequent sequences in which they got their hands on the ball and brought rhythm into the opposing defense. Which allows them to take the lead during the break (13-7) and to ensure the essentials at the end. Because after this 34th competitive game of the season, the exception to the play-off that they allowed themselves will not be too much.

data sheet

MT: 7-13; 1,000 spectators; Referee: M. Ruiz (Occitanie)
Winners: 2E Meafou (32), Tauzin (80); 1T (32), 3P (12, 37, 51) Ramos
Defeated: 1E (29), 1T, 1P (46) Seuteni
Result development: 0-3, 7-3, 7-10, 7-13 / 10-13, 10-16, 10-21
BORDEAUX-BEGLES: offices; Cordero, Uberti (Dubié, 67), Lamerat, Hulleu (o) Seuteni (Jalibert, 55), (m) M. Lucu (Lesgourgues, 51); Petti (Roumat, 63), Roumat (Picamoles, 63), Woki; Cazeaux, Jolmès (Douglas, 41); Cobilas (Tameifuna, 41, then Cobilas, 77), Dweba (Maynadier, 41), Poirot (Kap., Paiva, 41, then Poirot, 59, then Tameifuna, 77)
Locked out. Tempo. : Cazeaux (50, high tackle)
TOULOUSE: Ramos (Kolbe, 55); Kolbe (Tauzin, 55), Chocobares, Ahki, Lebel (Mallia, 71) (o) Ntamack (Ramos, 55, then Dupont, 71), (m) Dupont (Balès, 71); Elstadt (S. Tolofua, 67), Miquel, F. Cros; Meafou (Caino, 41), Flament; Ainu’u (Faumuina, 41), J. Marchand (Kap., G. Marchand, 60), Neti (Baille, 55)
The score: 12/20 – The men of the match: Rémi LAMERAT (Bordeaux-Bègles) and François CROS (Toulouse)

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