Top executioner countries in 2020, Amnesty International report: Amnesty International reported highest death penalty in these countries in 2020

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Death penalty inflicted on 483 people in 2020, not even spared during the coronary heart disease. Most death sentences served in Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Iran China did not feature the death penalty in 2020, Riyadh continues
The corona virus has been all the rage around the world. There is no country where people have not lost their lives due to this global epidemic. In the midst of it all, there are four Muslim countries in the world, which have applied the death penalty to a large number of people, even in the Coronas. Amnesty International’s report claimed that four of the top five countries sentenced to death in 2020 are from the Middle East.

Death penalty imposed on 483 people in 2020
Amnesty International said in its report that by 2020 the death sentences of 483 people worldwide have been served. Of these, 425 deaths have been reported in Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia alone. This constitutes 88% of the death penalty handed down worldwide. These countries have also been criticized for killing people despite the Kovid-19 outbreak.

China has not released figures this year
However, this is the lowest number of people sentenced to death in a year during this decade. However, this does not include Chinese data. China has not released the figure for those killed this year using the corona virus outbreak as an excuse. Thousands of people are reportedly hanged every year in China. China has banned its publication by declaring this year’s data as state secret.

The highest deaths in the Middle East and Africa
On the use of the death penalty in its annual report on Wednesday, Amnesty International said 579 people were sentenced to death in the Middle East and Africa in 2019, but that figure fell to 483 a year later in 2020 He said the drop in the death toll was seen in Saudi Arabia and Iraq this year due to the decrease in the number of convictions.

Lower death penalty in many countries
In Saudi Arabia, the death penalty has dropped by 85%. In 2020, 27 people were killed in Arabia. In Iraq, the death penalty has been reduced by 50% from the previous year. The government also killed 45 people in Iraq in 2020. According to this report, the largest drop in the number of death penalty cases was observed in Egypt. Here, the death penalty has been reduced by 300% in 2020 compared to 2019.

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