Top Secret US Drone Crash: CIA Top Secret Drone Crash in Iraq Helps Unmask US Air Force Secret Ultra-Silent Special Ops: CIA Drone Crash in Iraq revealed the existence of a US Air Force intelligence drone

The US Air Force has admitted for the first time that its Joint Special Operations Command is flying a new type of drone in the Middle East. This drone is said to be so quiet that no enemy radar can catch it. The military made the disclosure after a ruckus over a Pipistrel sinus glider that crashed at Erbil International Airport in Iraq last year. Indeed, this drone belongs to the American Long Endurance aircraft program, which can secretly collect enemy intelligence.

This drone was associated with the LEAP program
A top-secret drone named AV009, which was part of the U.S. Long Endurance Aircraft Program (LEAP), crashed on July 4, 2020, last year. After which, there was a lot of heckling in America about this mission and the drone. Now an American website called War Zone has obtained information about the accident under the Freedom of Information Act. In which it was said that during landing this drone hit the ground and its nose propeller and landing gear were broken. The accident caused significant damage to the right wing of the aircraft and all the fuel was evacuated.

US Air Force reports bad weather as the reason for the crash
In this report, bad weather was pointed out by the US Air Force as the cause of the accident. However, no information has been provided regarding the mission of this drone. The Air Force also reported that the crash caused a total loss of $ 3.4 million. The news was first revealed by Air Force magazine on July 24, 2020. However, in its report, this magazine did not disclose the location and cause of the crash. The report describes the AV009 drone as a remote pilot vehicle (RPV). It has also been reported that the crashed drone could be the RQ-170 Sentinel.

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Suspected Iran-Turkey espionage with drones
The Air Force reported that the AV009 drone was attached to the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The command also works for the US intelligence agency CIA. In such a situation, it is to be feared that the CIA is leading a big mission in Iraq. Since Turkey, Syria and Iran are close to all of Irbil, there are many big questions about the CIA operation. America’s conflict with these three countries is ongoing. So far, public information was that this Air Force command was piloting the RQ-170 drone with stealth function.

America has hidden information on a secret drone
The US Air Force did not publish a detailed description of the drone in the official crash report. However, it was said that the contract was handled by a government-owned outsourcing company. The document also reveals the identity of the person who is an employee of Technology Service Corporation (TSC) and who was operating the same drone at the time of the crash.

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