Total loan to Pakistan 2021: total loan to Pakistan 2021 World Bank approves loan of $ 442 million: total loan to Pakistan 2021 Imran Khan government obtained new loan from World Bank

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Pakistan has taken out a new loan of 442 million dollars from the World Bank Already a loan of 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees on every Pakistani citizen Imran Khan is on the way to making the country an economic slave Islamabad
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan took out a $ 442 million loan from the World Bank this time to improve the country’s economic situation. This amount of debt in Indian rupees amounts to more than 32 billion rupees. There is already a debt of Rs 1 lakh 75,000 on every Pakistani citizen. In such a situation, Imran Khan is seen embarking on the path of deepening the country’s fleet by taking new loans.

The World Bank has granted a loan for cleanliness and drinking water
The World Bank provided this loan to Pakistan to invest in water and sanitation for the most vulnerable rural communities in Punjab province. A few days ago, in Economic Survey 2021-22, Pakistan feared a sharp increase in the poverty situation in the country due to the Corona epidemic. The World Bank Board of Directors has released this fund for the Punjab Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PRSWSSP).

Pakistan to provide water to rural Punjab
With this money, the works of drinking water supply, the connection of each household to the sewer pipes and the investment in the sanitation infrastructure in the rural states of Punjab will be carried out. The local World Bank office said the poorest and rural areas will be a priority in this project. Where the lack of drinking water harms the health of children. However, only time will tell how the corrupt Pakistani government is using this fund.

The poor will now have the support of the ADB, Imran will grant a loan of Rs 73,000 crore to the government
Pakistan has already taken out a loan of 130 billion rupees
From January to March of this year, Pakistan took out a loan of around Rs 130 billion from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In March itself, the IMF announced a loan of 500 million dollars (36,22,37,00,000 Rs) to Pakistan. After which a new loan of $ 1.3 billion was agreed between Pakistan and the World Bank this month.

Imran Khan puts pressure on indebted Pakistanis, takes out new loan of 130 billion rupees in two days
1 lakh 75,000 loan on each Pakistani
Pakistan is taking this loan at a time when the Imran Khan government recently admitted to the Parliament of Pakistan that now every Pakistani now has a debt of Rs 1 lakh 75,000. In this, the contribution of Imran Khan government is Rs 54,901 , or 46% of the total loan amount. Pakistanis’ debt burden has increased over the past two years. That is, when Imran took power from Pakistan, every citizen of the country had a debt of Rs 1,2009.

Pauper Pakistan, forced to spread his bag in front of the World Bank, seeks a loan of 12 billion dollars
Pakistan takes out high-interest loan
Pakistan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs issued a statement a few days ago indicating that during July-December of fiscal year 2020-21, Imran Khan’s government received $ 5.7 billion under form of external loans from several sources of financing. In December, the Pakistani government received $ 1.2 billion from foreign countries, including $ 434 million from commercial banks at high interest rates.

Imran Khan’s Poor Pakistani Heading To ‘Economic Slavery’ Of China, IMF Says
Pakistan struggles to get loans
As part of the debt relief of the G20 countries, Pakistan cannot contract commercial loans at higher rates, except prior approval, in accordance with the project of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Because of this, not only China, but many of Pakistan’s favorite countries are also afraid to invest or give loans. The situation has gotten to the point where China is also asking for additional collateral instead of the loan.

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