Tourisme et Restauration has accumulated 55% fewer vacancies in the summer season compared to 2019 but reduced the gap to 30% in August

Tourisme et Restauration has accumulated 55% fewer vacancies in the summer season compared to 2019 but reduced the gap to 30% in August

One of the sectors most affected by the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus over the past year is undoubtedly tourism and restaurants. As the InfoJobs employment indicators confirm, so far this summer campaign (May, June and July), the category has registered a total of 30,260 published job vacancies. A figure far removed from the 66,993 that the sector had during the same period of 2019, and which represents a drop of 55% in terms of jobs offered.

However, and according to the forecasts made by the platform, Tourism and Catering will close the month of August with more than 11,500 vacant positions, eight thousand more than those recorded that month in 2020, and nearly 16,603 published in August. before COVID-19. This means that August would end with a deviation of only 30% from August 2019.

The lack of servers, a fact caused by the scarcity of the offer

The profession of waiter is traditionally the one that has the most weight in the Tourism and Catering category. In recent weeks, many establishments in our country have indicated a decline in the availability of these professionals, partly attributing their transfer to other sectors such as construction or agriculture. This fact is clearly linked in the first place to the drop in supply, as the data from InfoJobs show.

According to Mnica Prez, director of communication and studies at InfoJobs: “The limits of the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as the recommendations of foreign countries not to travel to Spain and the fact that the ERTE can be maintained until next September. 30 are the three main reasons for the current situation of the sector ”. Prez adds: “That would explain why there may be professionals who, given the declining supply in the category, are looking to other jobs with more opportunities.”

Since the start of the summer campaign (May) and until the end of July, the platform has registered a total of 8,733 job offers for this specific position, compared to 20,839 two years ago. InfoJobs also estimates that 2,305 server positions will be offered in August, while 5,351 were in August 2019.

Yet last June, ‘Waiter / a’ managed to squeeze through InfoJobs’ #LosProfesionalesMsDemandados rankings, occupying tenth position. In its category, this trade also occupies the first position in terms of the number of vacancies, followed by Cook and Assistant Cook.

The sector is recovering in particular in the Balearics and the Canaries

Among the main communities with the greatest tourist attraction in Spain, the recovery of the tourism and catering sector is seen especially in the Balearic and Canary Islands. The Balearic region, for example, went from 625 vacancies in May to 1,806 in July; while the Canary Islands have evolved in a similar fashion, tripling the number of positions offered in July compared to May. In this sense, and according to data from the Ministry, the decrease in ERTE in these two municipalities (-22.7% and -18.1% respectively) is noted in the employment data of the category.

Something similar is happening in the Valencian Community, where ERTEs have fallen by 16.3% in the last month. In this region, tourism and catering availability in July (1,165) exceeds those in May (1,049), even if it is true that they are slightly lower than in June (1,256).

Catalonia and Madrid live in a different situation, given that both communities have been penalized by the limitations of this sector. The Catalan community recorded 2,033 vacancies in the Tourism and Catering category in July, compared to 2,496 in June and almost 1,968 in May. Madrid, a little better, had 1,884 vacancies in July, against 2,169 in June, but above all above 1,511 in May.

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