Traffic accident in the United States: 100 vehicles stacked in a traffic accident Texas America: vehicles collided on a highway in Texas, United States

A terrible accident occurred Thursday morning on a highway in the United States from Texas. Due to the slippery rain, at least 100 vehicles collided and were victims of the accident. At least 6 people died in the incident and dozens were reportedly injured. The tragic crash happened Thursday morning on Interstate 35 West in Fort Worth, where continued rain and drizzle created slippery roads that made travel unsafe for people. It is feared that the death toll will increase.

Hard to save life

The Fort Worth Fire Department said large numbers of people were killed in the crash. According to reports, when the local people arrived at the scene, it was beyond their capacity to provide assistance to the victims of the accident. The slip was such that they couldn’t get people out. The highway to the north was later closed for relief and rescue. The mercury was so low here that it was vitally important to remove stranded people from vehicles as soon as possible.

Such a terrible accident.

According to local media, at least 100 vehicles were victims of the accident. He had more than a dozen semi-trailers. Police have opened a reunification meeting point at the Riversite Community Center in Fort Worth. In the photos of the accident, vehicles are seen stacked on top of each other and it is difficult to identify them separately. The severity of the accident is known from the fact that many vehicles collided face to face, that is, the slippery was so much that they had completely turned around.

How did the disaster happen?

The traffic behind the scene lasted for over 8 miles. The administration sent vehicles from another route. It is said to have been raining lightly during the accident but the temperature was extremely low and humidity was high. As a result, the slip on the road increased so much that the road became dangerous. On social media, the incident has been described as a “disaster” and its gravity has been compared to a movie story.

See in the video, the vehicles victims of the accident-

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