Train collision: train collision in Egypt many people killed and injured: collision of two passenger trains in Egypt left many dead

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Two trains collided face to face in Egypt, at least 32 people died near the city of Sohag, south of the dead, hundreds could be injured, dead figures, agencies engaged in operations rescue and rescue
In Egypt, at least 32 passengers were reportedly killed in a collision between two trains on Friday. It is said that hundreds of people were injured in this accident. It is said that the condition of most of the injured is very serious, which can increase the death toll. Relief and rescue operations are underway on the spot on a war footing. Many videos of this accident are also shared on social networks.

32 people confirmed dead
According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred north of the city of Sohag. The crash site is 460 kilometers south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Egypt’s health ministry has so far confirmed the death of 32 people in the crash. However, more than 100 people are said to be injured. Local media reported that at least three cars on the train derailed.

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