Train derailment in Taiwan Many dead and injured in tunnel north of Hualien: rock fell on top of moving train in eastern Taiwan, killing 36 people, many injured

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A train partially derailed near Taiwan’s east coast, killing at least 36 passengers and injuring dozens, according to reports in Taiwanese media that the train was carrying 350 passengers.
At least 36 passengers were killed and dozens were injured when a train partially derailed near Taiwan’s east coast. According to media reports, there were 350 passengers on the train. According to reports, a truck descended through a steep cliff and the train coming out of the tunnel collided with it here.

With most of the train still stuck in the tunnel, passengers trying to exit are forced to climb doors, windows and roof to reach a safe spot. The accident took place around 9 a.m. on Friday near the Toroko George Scenic Area on the public holiday. According to the Halian County Rescue Department, the truck fell from the top as soon as the train exited the tunnel, causing the most damage to the first five coaches.

Images and TV footage posted by people on the Central News Agency’s official website showed people climbing an open door to a train compartment just outside the tunnel entrance. The interior part of a compartment is completely uprooted and falls on the side seat. The accident happened on the first day of the four-day tomb sweeping festival.

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