Trainees over 10 years old will not have to overcome opposition to obtain a place

Updated: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 1:49 PM

Posted: 21.07.2021 13:47

The Government could issue a decree so that public administration trainees who have held a structural post for more than ten years and who have never been summoned can be assigned said post without having to present an opposition, but only by a merit assessment

This was put forward by the Minister of Finance and Public Service, María Jesús Montero, during her defense before the plenary session of the Congress of the decree-law of urgent measures aimed at reducing the temporality of public employment, that the government and the PSOE negotiated until the last moment with the parliamentary groups to obtain sufficient support.

The head of the civil service declared that “an effective solution is necessary to resolve the question of temporality”. The objective, he specified in his speech to Congress, is that “92% of public places are occupied, that is to say that there is a temporary 8%”.

He also recalled that the European Union “indicates to us the importance of activating immediate measures to reduce time, punish abuse and fraud and plan human resources”. As announced by the Minister, this decree-law would allow a call for 300,000 places, “the largest public offering in our recent history”.

By virtue of this negotiation, the standard will also include during its treatment in the form of a bill that the autonomous communities can decide that the opposition is not eliminatory in the processes of stabilization of the structural positions occupied for more than three years by temporary staff.

Esquerra Republicana was in favor of supporting this measure and Compromís went from abstaining to “yes” to save the decree.

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