Training and professional retraining, keys to obtaining a salary increase

It is a reality that the world is changing at breakneck speed and advances in digitization are causing constant changes in the employment landscape. To continue to grow professionally, it is necessary to train and update oneself on the new skills demanded by the market. This is confirmed by StudentFinance, a Spanish startup that helps fund studies, after analyzing the salary development of people who have decided to broaden their knowledge over the past year. According to data recorded by fintech, out of the total number of students who started their studies in 2020 through its shared income financing system, 74% experienced a salary increase which resulted in an average increase of 86 % of their payroll.

The courses they got access to with the help of StudentFinance mostly belong to the IT field, with skills related to cybersecurity, data analytics or web developer, where schools like HACK A BOSS or Ironhack stand. stand out, offering bootcamps in different branches of the sector; as well as the field of marketing, with skills in the field of e-commerce or digital marketing, where the courses of ESDEN Business School stand out.

The versatility of jobs and the emergence of emerging jobs require new skills that make it possible to progress within the company itself or to access a new job. For this reason, the term professional retraining, i.e. reorienting one’s career through training, is not only gaining more force every day among those who see it as an opportunity for growth and improvement, but also, it will be fundamental for more than 3,800,000 unemployed people who are looking for a job, according to data from the INE * APE, and who need a qualitative boost in their career to gain competitiveness, because less qualified people will be the most affected to return to their jobs. or will be classified when looking for a job.

The testimony of this is evidenced by the words of Alba Duran, who studied data science at The Bridge and states that “3 months after the end of my studies and in this exceptional situation generated by COVID-19, j got a new job opportunity, which gets better as you increase my previous working conditions, in terms of salary, hours and benefits. Plus I see a lot more job opportunities in this sector than in my previous job. ”And the fact is that StudentFinance is committed to democratizing access to education and continuing training, giving the opportunity to study in the best centers and schools with which it collaborates, through a new payment method called the “Shared Income Agreement” (ISA), whereby students start paying for their studies once they find a job and as long as the income exceeds the minimum threshold.

According to Mariano Kostelec, CEO of StudentFinance, “the company was born with the goal that anyone who wants to can access the best education and get a good job. There are times when the work we have been doing for years no longer has a place in the market or even no longer satisfies us and we want to make a change. It is then that we must focus on the acquisition of new skills that allow us to adapt to new needs, without the economic factor being a handicap ”.

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