Training in SAP Successfactors HR, one of the most requested options to develop a successful digital career

Training in SAP Successfactors HR, one of the most requested options to develop a successful digital career

Elearning Digital is a young, agile and digital company. Its goal is to train new professional SAP consultants, the most demanded sector in the market today. All their training is online so that these new professionals have even more opportunities to evolve and integrate into the labor market with all the possible tools.

Why is digital elearning training so good?

The main reason is that all training is directly aimed at creating good professionals, able to play a role in the labor market without the need for additional training. This is reflected in the teachers’ curriculum.

The company is made up of a team of professional consultants as teachers, who complement their consultancy work with the online training of a Successfactors course. The reason for choosing these professionals to teach the classes is that all of the training is completely hands-on, with the goal that the student begins to benefit from it in the short term.

Successfactors Companies

Global organizations rely on SAP SuccessFactors solutions to modernize their HR functions. HH., Help them tackle their most pressing business challenges while maintaining agility, innovation and confidence.

43% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP SuccessFactors solutions. 160 million end users benefit from SAP SuccessFactors solutions in 42 languages. More than 95 customers of the SAP SuccessFactors solution have more than 100,000 end users.

Featured Customers

Backed by 160 million end users, you help your customers create great collaborative experiences.


Training accessible to all

It also applies the best digital technologies to offer a large catalog with more than one SUCCESSFACTORS ONLINE COURSE adapted to the profiles of each student to guarantee professional success. His idea is that each student works on all their weaknesses and improves their strengths to form a complete professional capable of entering directly into the work.

Why follow a Master Successfactors?

SAP Software SuccessFactors is the human capital software recognized by all industry analysts as the leader in integrated human talent management in its different categories, this system works daily to help companies like yours achieve the best results Build a team Workplace engaged and aligned with business goals with business execution software solutions that integrate the latest research, the smartest technology and the safest systems on the planet.

The MASTER Successfactors is a course from scratch and at all levels for HR profiles.

The methodology is completely practical and aims for official certification to leave students with excellent preparation and start their professional SAP SUCCESSFACTORS career.

Having this type of training is a step ahead of many other professionals who aspire to high positions in the companies in which they work. Some of the most common jobs for students taking SUCCESSFACTORS COURSES are consultants or key users of any technology or multinational company, for example.

How to start Master Successfactors?

The first step is to register for the Elearning Digital course. For any type of information on the price, the agenda, the start dates or to clarify any doubts, please visit There you will find all the information on this subject, in addition to contacting the company if you need personalized attention.

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