trajectory of the man called to replace Carmen Calvo in the government


Update: Saturday, July 10, 2021 20:06

Posted: 07.10.2021 20:05

That of Carmen Calvo was one of the most repeated names on the political scene throughout this Saturday. Because, although his departure from the government affected many areas, few were the people who could venture to ensure that the first vice-president, minister of the presidency, relations with the courts and democratic memory and one of the fundamental pillars of the government of Sánchez since his arrival in Moncloa would end up leaving the government so hastily.

But it happened. To cover his departure, Sánchez chose to put another person very close to him by his side. It is about Félix Bolaños, the one who assured that with Sánchez Spain has “a courageous president” and “with ideals”. But who is Bolanos? The famous minister instead of Calvo was until recently secretary general of the presidency and was responsible, among other things, for protocol and security in the activities of the chief executive.

His work in government already carried a lot of weight. Bolaños played a fundamental role in making Franco’s exhumation possible, but also in granting pardons and negotiating the coalition with Podemos. But despite his involvement in some of the most important political issues in Spain in recent years, he preferred to avoid his presence in the media as much as possible.

Because if something characterizes him, it is because he has always remained in the background. Bolaños is a member of the Socialist Party and has a law degree. In 1998, he continued to practice law, and in 2001, he began to work as a lawyer. Much of his professional career has been spent at the Bank of Spain. Concretely, in 2005, he joined the BdE after obtaining the only post of legal adviser summoned in social, union and social security matters.

Between October 2008 and June 2018, he took charge of the Legal Advice, Work and Legal Documentation division of the BdE. In his political career, it should be noted that between 2008 and 2017 he was a member of the Regional Committee of the PSOE in Madrid. In addition, secretary of the Federal Ethics and Guarantees Commission and secretary of the Pablo Iglesias Foundation, among other functions. Until 2018, supported by Sánchez, he became secretary general of the presidency of the government.

Now, with this change, Bolaños takes another step in his career to become the political coordinator of the government. All with the aim of making Moncloa “a transparent and open place”. On the other hand, it seems hard to imagine barely two years ago that Bolaños would end up replacing Carmen Calvo. Thus, Monday of this coming week, Félix Bolaños will already be the new Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory.

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