transgender in the US military: Joe Biden: Joe Biden overturns Trump’s decision, lifts ban on transgender soldiers in the US military – Joe Biden repealed the discriminatory ban on transgender people serving in the US military

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Joe Biden lifts ban on recruiting transgender people into the AU military, says America’s diversity is his strength. Since becoming president, Trump has overturned many decisions.
US President Joe Biden continues to reverse former President Donald Trump’s decisions. In the same footage, he lifted a controversial ban on transgender soldiers working in the US military on Monday. Biden’s decision has been welcomed by LGBTQ lawyers and activists. Information was also given by tweeting about it from the office of the US president.

Signs were found as soon as he took office
Let me tell you that since Biden took over, there was a possibility of changing this policy of his Pentagon. A person familiar with the matter said the White House could make an announcement on the matter on Monday. Retired General Lloyd Austin backed the move during a Senate hearing last week to confirm his name as U.S. Defense Secretary.

America’s strength in its diversity
A statement released by the White House said: “President Joe Biden believes that gender identity should not be the criteria for working in the military.” It is better for all qualified citizens of America to join the military wearing their country’s uniform, both for the country and for the military, because a united force is more effective. Simply put, it is in our national interest. America’s strength lies in its diversity ”.

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Biden overturns many Trump decisions
Joe Biden, the 46th US president, has started issuing orders quashing Donald Trump’s decisions when he took office. Biden signed multiple executive orders simultaneously on Wednesday. In this country where migrants have been relieved, the ban on travel from many Muslim countries has also been lifted. Given the threat from Corona, Joe Biden has made the mask mandatory across the country. In addition, money from the fence being built along the Mexican border was also withheld.

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