Transmission of the monkey B virus in China: all you need to know about the monkey B virus which made its first human life in China

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Human infection with another virus has been reported in China, doctor dies of infection with B virus spread by monkeys This is the first confirmed case of infection with the Monkey Bee virus in man in china beijing
Amid the Corona virus crisis, a case of another virus infecting humans has been revealed in China. A veterinarian has died after contracting the B virus (BV) transmitted by monkeys. This is the first confirmed case of human infection with this monkey B virus in China. It is said that the doctors fell under the influence of two monkeys who died in March.

The mortality of this virus of bee monkeys can be assessed by the fact that the mortality rate of infected persons is 70 to 80%. At the same time, out of 1,000 people infected with the corona virus, only 9 people are at risk of dying. This information was highlighted in an official Chinese media report. According to the state newspaper ‘Global Times’ report, the 53-year-old veterinarian worked for an organization conducting animal research. The doctor researched two monkeys that died in March. After that, the first symptoms of nausea and vomiting began to appear in them.

According to the report, the infected doctor was treated at several hospitals and later died on May 27. However, the infection has not been confirmed in anyone else who has been in close contact with him. According to this, in China so far B. No evidence of death due to viral infection or its presence in the country has been brought to light, which is why the case has been referred to B. It is believed that ‘this is the first case of a human being infected with the virus.

Know what is the deadly Monkey Biwi virus
The first case of the Monkey Bee virus was reported in 1932. According to the Chinese CDC, this virus is spread through direct contact with a dead monkey. In addition, if someone comes in contact with the water that comes out of the corpse, there is a risk of becoming infected. This virus is very deadly because, among those infected, the death rate is 70-80%. According to the United States National Library of Medicine, when the BV virus enters humans, it attacks our main nervous system. According to the China CDC, the first symptoms start to appear one to three weeks after exposure to this virus.

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