Travel ban to India: big shock for Indians, ban on traveling to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait via UAE – Indian nationals banned from traveling to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait via uae

Abu Dhabi
The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has advised Indians not to travel to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait via the United Arab Emirates. This was done because of Kovid’s commitments imposed on passengers from the UAE in those two countries. On Monday, the embassy issued a notice. He said that before you go on a trip outside of India, be aware of the new travel guidelines related to Kovid in your destination country.

At the same time, it was also suggested to keep enough money and food to meet the possible needs of citizens. The Embassy has also advised Indian nationals who are already in the UAE and from there to travel to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. These passengers were only asked to return home and travel after the restrictions were eased.
Saudi Arabia hits India-Pakistan hard, bans foreigners from travel
Information on many Indians stranded in the UAE
The advisory came after the Indian Embassy received information about several Indians traveling to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait stranded in the United Arab Emirates. An embassy official told the Khaleej Times that at least 600 Indians have been stranded in the UAE since December 2020. They wanted to travel to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. “Due to the rapid changes in the international travel protocol, the mission advises against using the UAE to travel to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait so that they do not find themselves stranded in the UAE,” the official said.

Previously, these travelers had made special arrangements for the yatra with the help of the Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC) and other social organizations. But now officials have confirmed that such facilities will no longer be provided. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have banned travel by foreign nationals, including Indians.

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