Travel ban to Kuwait India: Kuwait now shocked after Saudi Arabia ban on foreigners – Kuwait suspends entry of foreigners, including Indians for two weeks, imposes restrictions

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Kuwait is making a new effort to stop the spread of Kovid-19, under which it will block the entry of foreigners for a period of two weeks, after the Kuwaiti government meeting, government spokesman Tarek said.
Kuwait is making a new effort to stop the spread of Kovid-19, under which it will prevent residents of other countries from entering the country for a period of two weeks. An official spokesperson announced it here. According to the Xinhua News Agency report, after a meeting of the Kuwaiti government on Wednesday evening, government spokesman Tarek al-Majirem made the announcement. About 9 lakh 60,000 Indians live in Kuwait. It is believed that this travel ban will affect them.

The meeting was held to discuss the state of public health and the latest developments. The two-week ban will begin on February 7. Apart from this, the government decided to suspend all business activities from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. He said this period is applicable except for pharmaceutical companies and grocery stores.
Saudi Arabia hits India-Pakistan hard, bans foreigners from travel
He said all activities at sports clubs, gyms, salons and spa centers would also be stopped for the time being. He said that during this period all festive activities, including the National Day, will be prohibited. The health ministry said the number of corona cases in Kuwait has risen to 167,410. While 961 people have died here due to this outbreak.

Saudi Arabia has given 20 countries a hard blow
Previously, Saudi Arabia had given a heavy blow to 20 countries, including India and Pakistan. The Saudi government on Tuesday banned people from those countries. Saudi Arabia has imposed the ban to control the corona virus. However, this travel ban exempts diplomats, Saudi citizens, doctors and their families. This ban from Saudi Arabia may affect many Indians who work in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government has said the ban is short-lived and that the travel ban will go into effect from 9 p.m. Wednesday evening. This restriction includes neighboring Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, United States, etc. The travel ban stipulated that the Saudi government would try to ensure that supply chains with those countries remain and that ships continue to circulate.

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