Travel ban to the United States Indian Americas: America imposed a travel ban in the corona crisis, many Indo-Americans stranded in India – many American Indians stranded in India because of our ban

The United States has banned the arrival of travelers from India following the growing increase in cases of the corona virus, leaving many families estranged from their limbs and trapped in India. He traveled to India to meet his relatives at the last minute and attend his funeral. In some cases, the winning family member is found to be stuck in India and does not appear to be able to meet his family in the US anytime soon, as the Embassy and Consulate General in India are closed.

The ban on the Biden administration went into effect on May 4. According to the US State Department, students, academics, journalists and some people have been exempted from this ban. The ban was imposed indefinitely due to the Corona virus outbreak in India. Neha Mahajan, co-founder of Skilled Immigrants in the United States, said: “My husband has had an H-1B visa since 2008 and had to travel to India on April 17th for his father’s funeral. Since then, the United States Embassy in India has been closed. He has an approved H-1B visa but will need to have his passport stamped and interviewed in person at the US Mission in Delhi.

Mahajan said, “I am here with my two daughters who miss their father at this difficult time. Payal Raj, who lives in Nashville, said she was unsure of when and how she would return from India to meet her nine-year-old. He said: “The ban was specifically aimed at non-immigrants and their families. If we look at the history of the ban on other countries, it shows that it can last for months or even a year. He said: “Thousands of people have come to India to be with their parents at the last minute, but they are stranded here because of this ban and are unable to meet their children and spouse.

Abhinav Amresh is trapped in Mumbai as the United States Consulate General in Mumbai has been closed, failing which he has not been able to get his H-1B visa stamped. He cannot return to the United States without having his visa stamped. There are many more who have been blocked in India because the visa has not been stamped. India has witnessed more than three lakh cases of the corona virus per day in the past week.

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