Trendy photo of a sleeping boy: Viral and trendy photo of a boy who woke up with a lizard print on his face: Boy sleeping on a lizard print on his face

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Photo of Taiwanese girl asleep on viral social media homework, a lizard on the book was printed on her face, seeing people taking advantage of the runaway child’s whotwitter, a disturbance for a lizard
If you feel drowsy and have a bumpy surface instead of the pillow under your head, the face starts to look like a sketchbook when you wake up. Everything you have slept on is printed on the face. It’s common, but a little kid from Taiwan passed out after seeing similar art on his face. In fact, this child slept on a lizard and after waking up, the same thing appeared on his face. Now the image of this child is widely shared on social networks.

Jackson’s name Lu on Twitter shared a photo of the incident. He wrote that this child was sleeping while doing his homework. He doesn’t know there’s a lizard on his book. When he woke up, seeing the mark of the lizard on his face, he was blown away. It is clearly visible in the photo how upset the child was, but people are unable to understand how he did not know there was a creature under his cheek?

Lots of people like to share the photo, others say if it happened to them, they wouldn’t like it at all. At the same time, many people felt bad about what had happened to the lizard that had been buried for so long. Some people also questioned that maybe this stick was plastic, not real.

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