Tribute to the victims of terrorism in Congress with the absence of the PP and the AVT, but with a spokesperson for Bildu

Posted: Sunday June 27 2021 2:30 PM

The Congress of Deputies paid tribute this Sunday to the victims of terrorism in an act “of recognition of them and of defense of their memory”, as stated by Meritxell Batet, which he however did not attend for the first time . formerly the People’s Party. Instead, they concentrated in the vicinity of the Lower House with the Association of Victims of Terrorism.

The solemn tribute brought victims’ associations to the fore. In fact, Tomás Caballero, president of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism, has argued that “any attempt to whitewash terrorism is rejected”.

Members of the government were present on the bench and, for the first time, the spokesperson for Bildu Mertxe Aizpurua was also present, as a sign, she said, “of commitment and recognition of the victims”.

In addition, members of the PP table in institutional representation attended the tribute. However, at the party level, they were left out for the first time, concentrated near Congress with the Association of Victims of Terrorism. Vox representatives also did not attend the event.

When questioning the PP on the rapprochement of detainees at the time of José María Aznar, Cuca Gamarra, the group’s spokesman in Congress evaded the question. “In July 1997, ETA kidnapped an adviser and demanded in exchange for his life the reunification of the prisoners, and the state and the government did not surrender,” he told media.

Within the hemicycle, citizens were, who defended that they were always on the side of the victims. “We want to be in this institutional act because it is the center of sovereignty, but we understand that the associations of victims of terrorism feel humiliated.”

Meanwhile, once again, the Association of Victims of Terrorism stayed close to Congress, where it criticized the government’s dealings with Bildu: “We urge the banning of Bildu and Sortu; we consider that these are illegal parties and indications for its outlawing, ”said Maite Araluce, president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism.

Thus, this act, which for 11 years has paid tribute to the victims of terrorism every June 27, experienced a division of opinions between those who were inside and outside Congress this Sunday.

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