Trivire Partners brings a new partner into your business

The consulting firm Trivire Partners, specializing in attracting talent, seeks to continue to innovate and grow and has therefore decided to integrate Ismael Durn, as well as its CEO and founder, Sebastian Trivire, as its new partner.

The agreement was concluded this summer with the aim of continuing to develop in order to offer maximum professionalism and efficiency to its clients.

After more than 17 years since its foundation, Trivire Partners is characterized by a multidisciplinary team committed to providing the best service to its clients. This is why, after 4 and a half years in the company, and after showing initiative, involvement and responsibility for and with the company, Ismael Durn is committed to cooperate as a partner. Ismael Durn himself defines this synergy as “pride, since the values ​​of the organization in which you work converge with your values ​​as a person”.

For his part, Sebastin Trivire, assures that the incorporation of Durn to be part of the company is a further step towards the realization of the vision of being “the reference HR consultancy in Spain”, moreover, he adds that its rise in importance “implies for us a natural consequence of its involvement, its commitment and its total adaptation to the values ​​of the company which it represents with the greatest professionalism, at all times.” Finally, he states that as CEO of Trivire Partners he feels “proud” and “happy” as a person.

The career of the future partner of Trivire Partners, Ismael Durn, was marked by promotions and ranks, after an exemplary career within the company. He started as a collaborator in February 2017 giving training sessions in management skills. As a result of these collaborations, a transversal Talent department was opened, which Ismael Durn headed as Talent Director. Due to the success of this department, which builds strategic HR consulting and talent identification and development projects, as well as other initiatives, Trivire Partners has positioned itself in recent years as a benchmark in Catalonia in the domain of people and organizations.

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