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News tip Super Bomberman R Online: The list of trophies and achievements is available. Published on 05/26/2021 at 7:30 p.m. Super Bomberman R Online has been available exclusively at Stadia since September 2020 and arrives tomorrow on PS4, PC and Switch. On this occasion we are unveiling the list of Konami game trophies. Below is the list of 10 trophies (including 4 hidden ones) from Super Bomberman R Online available on PlayStation 4 on May 27th (7 bronze, 2 silver and 1 gold).

Bronze Trophies (7)

Finger in the nose

Win a match without taking an item.

Suicide bomber

Get KO one of your bombs.


Get KO by a deadly block.


Conquer an area in Combat Mode 64.

Maximum Performance

Reach the maximum bomb power.

Bomb fan

Reach the maximum number of bombs.

Speed ​​of Light

Reach the maximum speed of movement.

Silver Trophies (2)

Bomberman’s best friend

Win a match while riding a Louie.

Bomber siblings

Win a match with each of the 8 Bomberman siblings.

Gold trophy (1)

The master

Get 1st place in Battle 64 mode. About Super Bomberman R Online Super Bomberman R Online Full Walkthrough By Daniwood, writing by MPTwitter

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