Trump lying about lie, US TV channels stop live speech

Many US TV stations stopped her speech live after she released a ‘lie’ after another Trump trump card leading to defeat in the US presidential election. The TV stations have said that President Donald Trump is broadcasting disinformation. Previously, Trump had made provocative statements and made frivolous statements repeatedly during his 17-minute speech for the first time since election night. MSNBC presenter Brian Williams said: “OK, we are again in an unusual position and we are not only interrupting the US president, but correcting the statements of the US president.” The TV channel stopped their live broadcast shortly after. Not only that, US television stations NBC and ABC also stopped the live broadcast of Trump’s speech. Donald Trump reiterated his claim to victory again, CNN’s Jack Tepper said: “What a sad night for America when they get the chance to hear their president falsely accusing people of taking over the ‘election.” . Previously, President Donald Trump had once again reiterated his claim to victory. There are also fears that an attempt is being made to “steal” this election with illegal votes. Trump said at a press conference: “If you count the legal vote, I comfortably win.” But if you count the illegal votes (by mail), then they (Democrats) can try to take the victory away from us. I won many great states with historic margins. Trump called the opinion polls bogus, saying, “Opinion polls have deliberately shown the blue wave (in favor of Democrats) across the country.” In fact, there was no such wave. There is a big red wave (in favor of the Republicans) across the country, its media was also aware of it but we did not take advantage of it. Anticipating a mess in the mail in the ballots, Trump said, “Surprisingly, how the mail in the ballots only looks to one (Democratic) party.” It is a corrupt practice which also makes people corrupt even if they are not from the inside.

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